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Testimonials from highly satisfied customers

We strive for Customer Satisfaction

At C.A.B. Consulting we can tell you all the projects we have worked on and the customers who we have provided our services to but we believe the last word should always be with the customer:


Provider of Elective Surgical Procedures

“I can thoroughly recommend C.A.B. Consulting's work.

They first came to carry out a review of our business processes. It soon became apparent we could use his managerial experience to help take us forward. They set up our back office systems, he implemented a new IT system and was pivotal in our being able to secure new business through a competitive tender process.


Dr Matthew Wordsworth
Founder - Independent Health Group



Manufacturer of Natural Healthcare Products

"Clive was one of the founding Partners of Epigenetics Ltd. During his time with Epigenetics Clive helped us grow to £1 million turnover company delivering over 50,000 orders and grew at a rate which far outstripped our competitors.

We would be very happy to recommend Clive to anybody who is looking for a conscientious, reliable and honest person to help grow their business."


Robert Kite
Operations Director and Co-founder - Epigenetics Ltd



Training Provider

"Clive’s style is to coach you and to underpin strategic thinking with practical and pragmatic plans. His style works.

He is not only a superb and knowledgeable business coach – but one of the very few inspirational consultants we have had the pleasure to work with."

Charles Jack
Managing Director - Gateway Training and Development Ltd



Jewellery Wholesaler

"Clive is a team player who quickly gains the respect and admiration of his colleagues and his optimistic 'win win' attitude soon influences other staff members.

Clive very quickly developed a good understanding of the way our business works and also the economic and competitive environment in which we operate.

He offers us well considered opinions and ideas and has a network of business contacts to be envied. Clive has excellent up to date understanding of relevant computer applications, especially Excel and is able to use these skills to obtain a more objective view of the business.

I have no hesitation in recommending Clive in his capacity of Business Advisor."

As well as representing value for money CAB Consulting were a pleasure to work with

Simon Beck
Director - Peace of Mind 925 Ltd



Photographic Equipment Wholesaler

C.A.B Consulting worked with us on a number of projects to improve the efficiency of our sales & marketing operation. They were able to quickly identify the issues, highlight areas where improvements could be made, and help us prioritise accordingly.

The advisor quickly integrated himself within the business and developed a good rapport with the various members of our team. Their vast technical knowledge and network of contacts also enabled Kenro to find the right suppliers to work with, which has been of great benefit.

As well as representing good value for money the advisor was also a pleasure to work with."

Paul Kench
Managing Director Kenro Ltd



Distributor of Nutritional Products

"I am completely aware that the growth and success in my business would not have been possible without somebody like Clive in the co-pilot’s seat. He is honest, reliable, and with principles that I find enormously refreshing. His people management skills have been an enormous asset, his business head has meant that I always have a reliable sounding board in times of major decision-making, he has quietly and calmly become an indispensable asset to the company."

customer satisfaction from CAB COnsulting

Tracy S Gates
Director- Pure Bio Ltd


We will be happy to give you the contact details of any of the above or other clients we have worked with.


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All of the work mentioned opposite started with a free initial discussion. During the meeting it was identified that C.A.B. Consulting could add value and the customers speak for themselves as to the results we achieved.

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