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Increase Your Profitability

What Can You do to Increase Profitability?

At C.A.B. Consulting we can help you with the Holy Grail for most organisations - to increase profitability. The good news is that there are only 4 universal laws that any business owner needs to understand.

Law 1 - Increase sales

Law 2 - Increase prices

Law 3 - Reduce costs

Law 4 - Manage your product mix



Law number 1 is all about products and customers and ensuring you are targeting your products and services to the relevant customers with the appropriate messages. The principles are simple but the ‘devil is in the detail’.

We can help you develop programmes, to develop and introduce new products, find new customers, improve the customer satisfaction experience of existing customers, look at cross selling opportunities  or introduce a combination of all the above aspects.

Law number 2 is all about understanding your competitors; we can help you to have a better understanding of the market dynamics if you don't already have this. As the economy gets tighter, having a better understanding of your competitors and their activity is essential to be able to increase profitability.

We have a great amount of experience which you can call on to help you develop your sales. We also regularly work with a team of associates who we will happily recommend for your specific projects. We are confident that the people we introduce to you will not only provide the best solution for your business but also one that is very cost effective.

Law number 3 is helping you take cost out of your business. Each business is individual, however there are a number of sound principles which can be applied across businesses of all sizes. 

Law number 4 - Some of your products/services are more profitable than others. Look at the 80/20 rule which products are you earning the most profit from, when you have identified your most profitable products then see how you can more of them.

 Turnover is Vanity: Profit is Sanity: Cash Flow is Reality



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