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Content Managed System websites

Anybody talking to a web developer today about a new or updated website should be insisting on having a Content Management System on the website.This means text and images can all be changed by you the client rather than having to go back to the web developer to have the changes made.

It is nothing to be scared about, the latest CMS admins sections of a website are just like typing into a word document. The major benefit is it gives control back to the client - no more having to wait for the developer to respond.

New pages can be added, old pages removed, the whole site can be kept current.

With the flexibility comes responsibility - Please ensure you use the functionality and keep making changes to your site it helps you in the Google search rankings.

A CMS site can save you lots of time and money but more importantly it allows you to keep your content relevant and to easily change spelling mistakkes!

Below is the CMS section of my website for this page. As I  indicated above it is simple and easy to use, below is a screen dup of the CMS admin section.

CMS website

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