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Excel functions

If you use Microsoft's Excel software you are probably like most people only using a fraction of the powerful functionality

I have listed below a few functions which once you know they are there life will never be the same again. I do not intent to teach you how to use the software only to alert you to the fact they areavailable. There are plenty of teaching aids avaiable, however if you require one 2 one tution, just give me a ring, my rates ar very reasonable because I enjoy passing my knowledge on and helping you work smarter not harder

Pivot tables

These are for use by people who have very large speadsheets but want a very quick but poweful way of analysing the data. Whenever I demonstrate Pivot Tables to people it blows their minds.


The VLOOKUP function in Excel searches for a value in one speadsheet and returns associated 'matching' data from another spreadsheet.

I don't know how I ever used databases without this function. It is essential and saves so much time.


You have a large table consisting thousands of bank accounts. You wish to retrieve in another worksheet information regarding some specific accounts. To achieve this, you can type these specific account numbers, and put a Vlookup function next each one of them. The function will look for the account numbers in the big table, and retrieve relevant information from it.

Find & Replace

Looking for a name inside a list of 20 names is easy – you can simply look it up with your eyes. But looking for it inside a list of 400 names – well, it starts to be a problem. And what about a bank manager looking for the account number 9374857 among all of his branch accounts?

The “Find” tool in Excel enables you to type a query, and let Excel find it for you. If a match is found – the active cell will “jump” right into it.

The “Replace” tool allows you to make a large systematic change in a matter of seconds. Imagine the telephone area code changed from 01742 to 01189. If you have a database with telephone numbers, you can use this tool to quickly change all these numbers.


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